Pacquiao’s win would’ve been the Philippines’ loss

I clearly remember our parish priest’s homily when I was around 15 years old: “The Philippines is exporting our OFWs to different countries.  But in the midst of our poverty, do not be worried for there is a grand plan for us…. Filipinos are already all over the world, the time will come when we … Continue reading Pacquiao’s win would’ve been the Philippines’ loss

The Audacity of Gina Lopez

Featured Mar 7, 2017 on   Of Mining and Mountains “Moving a mountain” is an oft-quoted phrase that could be traced back to the Analects of Confucius. The dawn of the 20th century turned this idiom into a reality with the advent of a technology developed to advance man’s insatiable need for progress:  modern … Continue reading The Audacity of Gina Lopez

Is Duterte keeping the Marcos legacy alive?

Ferdinand Marcos was elected in 1965 during the country's golden age of democracy.   The Philippines at this era was an emerging global player. Manila was in a race against Tokyo for Asia's economic leadership, and Filipinos didn't need a visa to travel anywhere. Today, the Philippines is back in the global headlines:  coverage of … Continue reading Is Duterte keeping the Marcos legacy alive?

The Philippines makes an encore

A quick post after a long vacation in the Philippines - Interesting that The Economist hasn't had an article about the Philippines for several years. The past 12 months or so, however, have been marked with several Economist articles about the country - from the sad state  of Manila's traffic to Duterte's unwrapping of Aquino's economic gains..... Here's … Continue reading The Philippines makes an encore