The Philippines makes an encore

A quick post after a long vacation in the Philippines - Interesting that The Economist hasn't had an article about the Philippines for several years. The past 12 months or so, however, have been marked with several Economist articles about the country - from the sad state  of Manila's traffic to Duterte's unwrapping of Aquino's economic gains..... Here's … Continue reading The Philippines makes an encore

Is Duterte playing Chess or Checkers?

2016 has been a tumultuous year for several world leaders trying to shape economies, policies and countries:  David Cameron gambling the fate of the U.K. with a vote leading to Brexit, Juan Manuel Santos failing to close the plebiscite on Colombia's FARC deal after decades of negotiations, and Hillary Clinton miscalculating the most reviled candidate … Continue reading Is Duterte playing Chess or Checkers?

Philippine Diaspora

Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Asians....   25 minutes of the familiar labyrinth of security procedures and muffled announcements, and my early Monday morning Delta flight will be bursting with people of different colors from all walks of life. Traveling hundreds of thousands of miles annually, I learned to recognize the ocean of emotions prior to boarding - the bumptious executive … Continue reading Philippine Diaspora